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Smartboxmaker, for excellent box hinges in the UK

September 15th smartWare update:


** polished brass, stainless steel and gold plated smartHinge
back in stock
– click here to buy

** smartLock coming very soon in the same finishes!

** The full range of smartBoxmaker items – inlay lines, lining materials, wide abrasives and more, will be available again from mid October. There will be some special introductory offers – this page will be regularly updated with the latest news. And please email me if you would like to be kept informed.



 … so the original, the best and everyone’s favourite is back!


Union-Jack-Flag The new company is based in the West Midlands and shows every sign of treating my hardware requirements [and my customers’] with a great deal more care, common sense and courtesy than anyone before them!


in the meantime …

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